On  The Road With Rosalyn Loves

Sharing the adventure of


Hello, Everyone!!!

We have been slacking a bit, when it came to writing this blog. However, you must forgive us, because we were in the middle of the school year, when all this began.  It must be also noted that we have parents that think a B stands for "Bad" grade, and a "C" might as well be an "F."   All other grades lower than that  have no place in our academic vocabulary.  In fact, they don't even think it is that funny when we joke about it.

However, we have been with Rosalyn every step of the way.  Often lurking quietly behind the scenes, taking pictures,  and of course chasing and helping look after our cute, little 2-year brother.

That being said we have a unique perspective that is a real behind the scenes view.   We are looking forward to sharing it with each of you.

We have also chosen to take pen names so we shall be known as OceanRose and Scholar24.  It was better than being known as just Sister 1  & Sister 2.  We thought these names spoke to who we both are as individuals.   Also, forgive us for any grammar mistakes we miss. Thanks so much for reading!

*OH and SHOUT OUT TO Georgiana L. !!!  (Yeah..that is not her real name either)  She's going to helping us with the blog sometimes as well!  She loves Rosalyn like a sister too!